Artistic jewelry design in conjunction with the highest degree of handcraft precision, from the first sketch to the final jewelry piece is our passion as well as our strength, and we would like to share this with you. Here you can see a selection of classic, timeless jewelry dream-pieces, as well as exclusive creations from our current collection. The "Goldsmiths PETER GEIER" has been in Dorf Tirol for more than 15 years now, and we are proud to be able to present fascinating pieces of jewelry in gold, silver and stainless steel to you in excellent workmanship again every year. Our very competent customer advisory service is as individual as our collection - we will arrange all the time necessary to consult you extensively. The quality-oriented approach and the unique design are always the focal points of our work! Besides the comprehensive watch and jewelry collection, we are also able to offer you such services as the repair, cleaning and alteration of your cherished valuables.
Through constantly updated technologies and with competent know-how, we are able to manifest your jewelry dream-pieces - from the first draft all the way to the finished product. Join us on a tour of the various steps of the goldsmith's art: Techniques such as driving, carving and forging are practiced in our workshop in the same manner as state-of-the-art welding and centrifugal casting. 

The manufacturing of a ring, for example, using the casting technique:

01. Sketch, draft
02. Selection of the precious metals and gemstones
03. Creation of a model in wax or plastic
04. Casting process
05. Cleaning and grinding of the molding blank
06. Attachment of movable parts that are not cast
07. Setting of the gemstones
08. Grinding, polishing and various surface finishings
09. Final inspection of the jewelry piece
10. Delivery to the customer 
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